Thursday, March 14, 2013

pussycat pussycat

A few weeks ago now, Becky tweeted a link to this adorable skirt from River Island.
It was one of those instant "must have it" moments and before I knew it, I'd popped it into my virtual shopping bag, checked out and had the all-important dispatched email.

Almost as soon as I'd bought the skirt though, the weather decided it wasn't quite done with being Winter, and so I haven't had the opportunity to wear it without freezing myself to death until yesterday!
Crochet Kimono - Topshop (old)
Cat Print Skirt- River Island
Leggings- American Apparel
Rose Gold Cross Necklace- Aldo Accessories

As it's still a little on the nippy side, I wore the skirt with my trusty American Apparel leggings rather than tights, and dug out a Topshop crochet Kimono from several years ago to throw over the top. I'm really glad that I didn't get rid of this kimono now, it really adds a bit more interest to the whole outfit!

As for the bag, I've been wanting a new, smarter bag for a while and my sister in law always raves about Accessorize bags, so I popped over to their website for a browse. I was spoilt for choice really, but I love the delicate mint colour of this one, and I can see it going with so many outfits throughout Springtime.
It's absolutely enormous which I'm slightly worried will mean I will be tempted to fill it with all kinds of crap daily essentials, but luckily it has a long strap to carry it over your shoulder too, despite how I'm carrying it in the photo I hate bags that you can't sling over your shoulder and keep your hands free!


  1. WANT! That is beautiful! Have you seen their duck print skirt too?

  2. The skirt is so pretty. Definitely my cup of tea!

  3. The skirt is beautiful! x

  4. Oh gosh that skirt is so CUTE! xxx