Monday, March 11, 2013

My perfume collection

After reading this post of Rosie's the other day on her perfume collection, I was inspired to do the same!
I've been hoarding quite a few new perfumes recently, as I'm lucky enough to have access to staff discount which is all the excuse I need to keep collecting...

I think I started wearing perfume aged about fifteen, and my favourites from back then I can still vividly remember.

One was Coty's Monsoon, which was in a turquoise bottle with a bronze lid, and was a lovely, warm scent. It was sold in branches of Monsoon and Accessorize and I loved it. Unfortunately it has long since been discontinued (I don't like the one they sell today) but you can still spot the odd bottle on eBay if you look hard enough. I can't have been it's only fan though as they do tend to go for quite a bit of money even now!
The second I remember was my first real grown up perfume, which I think my Mum bought me for my sixteenth. It was Chloe Innocence, and came in a cloudy glass bottle shaped a bit like a ghost. It was a very "white", clean scent which I adored and again kept reminiscing over until I bought a bottle off eBay was foul. It still smelt the same, but was such a teen scent and just goes to show how your tastes in perfume change over time.

Nowadays, I'm firmly in the floral and girly camp when it comes to my favorites.

I've recently started storing them on this silver drinks tray I bought in a charity shop for a fiver, as it makes more of a feature of the bottles and just makes my dressing table look prettier!

Front row: Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh, Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb, Vera Wang Lovestruck, Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia.

I'd say these are my most worn perfumes and are the more light, fruity ones too. Flowerbomb is my ultimate favourite but as it's SO expensive (even in duty free) I tend to wear Daisy most days.
Lovestruck was the perfume I picked for my wedding day as it's so light and inoffensive but very pretty.
And the Jo Malone perfume smells of Elderflower- it's to die for!

Back Row: Bath & Body Works Forever Red sample, Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Capri, Vera Wang Princess Rollerball (from Sephora), Vera Wang original, Annick Goutal Mandragore

These are my lesser worn and perhaps more summery perfumes. Vera Wang original is quite a sophisticated scent that's great for nights out and feeling a bit more put-together, and Bronze Goddess Capri is just holiday in a bottle- it smells like the nicest tanning oil you've ever used plus just... luxury. I don't know, just gorgeous!
I love the idea of these rollerball perfumes from Sephora, and I've never seen them anywhere else. They're perfect for me as I often have to fit all my liquids into those awful security bags which hold next to nothing.
I'll definitely invest in a few more next time I'm near a Sephora!

I'm always interested to hear about other people's favourite perfumes, as scent is such a personal thing.
If anyone has done or seen a similar post, please leave me the link below!

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  1. The Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess is on my list to buy this year (I think it's only sold in the summer, or am I wrong?!) I sprayed it in duty free last year and regret not getting any!