Thursday, January 3, 2013

Write it on your heart: Every day is the best day of the year.

 Burgundy Lace dress: Next
Nighthawk boots: Office

Frankie 2013 diary: Notemaker
Jar of happiness: see Gemma's youtube vlog

I never usually make New Year's resolutions, as I know only too well that life sort of gets in the way and they inevitably fall by the wayside sometime around January 10th (If you're me!)
However instead of calling them resolutions, I'm going to go with aims for the year. little things that make life a bit happier, a bit better.

First of all, I decided I really want to start making more of an effort to comment on blogs that I read. Thanks to Ceri this has become more of a focused thing, as she very handily set up the "Follow for follow" bloggers community via Twitter on New Year's eve. it's nice to know there are like- minded people around who want to make more of an effort to make blogging more of a community, and support and encourage each other. You can see the full list of all the participants and their blogs here.

Second of all, I want to start to appreciate the little things in life rather than letting them pass me by in the rush to catch my next flight, race up the motorway, etc etc etc. I saw Gemma's video and thought the Jar of Happiness was a fantastic idea- basically take a jar (or other vestibule of your choice) and every time something happens that makes you smile, write it down and pop it in. 
Next New Year's eve, the idea is to open the jar and whilst reading through all the lovely things that have happened that year, appreciate your life and be more positive.
As you can see I've taken things a step further by creating a jar of whinge. The idea here being every time I'm upset by something I'll write that down and I'm hoping that when I go over them, I will see how mundane and trivial the things I worry about day to day are. That's the theory anyway!

I bought the Frankie diary on a bit of a whim on Christmas Eve as a pressie to myself (naughty). I really, really wanted one last year too but they had sold out long before Christmas so I was surprised to see this still in stock. They've sold out now but if you want one, keep going back to the Notemaker site as I think they are expecting more stock soon.
I'm going to write in this each night to remember what I've done and where I've been each day (sometimes I need reminding as I travel so much it's hard to remember where  am when I first wake up!)

Has anyone else got any New Year's aims? I'm always curious to hear them!


  1. Love that look so much, great shoes! Happy new year to you, it would be great if you could check out my blog and maybe we could follow each other.


  2. I really like the jar of happiness idea - almost like a time capsule. I've made some firm resoltions this year and I'm determined to give them my best shot. I'm always been tempted by the Frankie diary (one day she will be mine), this year however I opted for Joules xxx

  3. I'm glad my post made you feel better, sometimes you just need to take time out and float through life. I love the idea of the Happiness Jar too, good idea. Dress and the boots are lovely too.

  4. I love the jar of happiness idea to remind you of all the good moments throughout your year! Found you through Ceri's blog :)

    Jess xo