Sunday, February 24, 2013

LA photo diary

I've been lucky enough recently to be doing plenty of trips to LA, a place I've grown to truly love. LA isn't so much a city, as a collection of towns and it takes some getting used to before you can really make the most of all it has to offer.
Despite the fact that I've been over there no less than three times in the last month, I've far from run out of things to do and am busily trying to plan my next trip as we speak!
It's hard not to fall in love with the sunny climate (even when it's springtime and the temperature rarely climbs above 15 c), the beaches, the food and the friendly locals.
One day, I'm going to get really organised and plan a month long trip to the USA starting in Chicago and taking in the whole of route 66 finishing up in Santa Monica where it ends, but this time I only made it to the very end of the trail.
I honestly think however many trips I do to LA, it will never be enough- there's always something new to catch your eye!

 The iconic LAX sign at the international airport, driving to Hollywood!
 Almost as good as meeting the men themselves? Not really but good enough for now!
 Stars on the Hollywood walk of fame- my heroes, The Muppets!
 More star-spotting!
 Santa Monica- the end of the route 66 trail and home to a picturesque pier
 Some signs just have to be seen (and photographed!)
 Watching the sun set over Hermosa beach
Cocktails and surf 'n' turf burger at The Yardhouse, Longbeach
 Banana pancakes with Maple syrup for breakfast overlooking beautiful Redondo beach

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  1. How long do you get to spend there each time?

    The photos look great, I'm so jealous!